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Gay Life in Istanbul

Life in Istanbul is one with an elaborate expression of fun and exuberance, one that attracts people of several calibres. With its rich cultural history, amazing food and tourist attractions, Istanbul is also notable for its remarkable gay life.

It is likely you are concerned with gay life in Istanbul simply because you want to take a pleasure trip there or go on an Istanbul gay tour. Well, why not, our gay tour-guide Istanbul shall welcome you with open arms because you’re about to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, there are a few important things you need to know about Istanbul gay life before going on any Istanbul gay tours.

Important Things to Know About Gay Life in istanbul


You probably are thinking that Turkey being an Islamic country, the people of Istanbul would be very conservative and would frown greatly at gay and LGBT. Well, not exactly so. In fact, Turkey is making its way gradually into Western culture (after all Istanbul straddles Europe and Asia). Sexual activity between gays and lesbian was legalized in 1858 during the Ottoman empire and ever since the country took the name “Turkey” in 1923, gay life amongst adults has always been legal in the country.

Nevertheless, it is worthy of note that the incumbent president, President Erdogan who is a rather conservative religious president, has driven gay life in Turkey to the backstage, making gays and LGBT persons feel less inclined to show themselves out in public. Despite homosexuality still being legal throughout Turkey, being very open about it can be quite challenging these days due to the religious and political influence in the Turkish society. And take it under advisement never to walk lavishing public displays of affection to your gay partner during the day because these things can be unfamiliar to a significant number of the people here. Gay and lesbianism is not illegal in Turkey but you just have to be discrete about it anyway. But worry not, that is why our Istanbul gay friendly tours are here. Our Istanbul gay tours are done discretely to ensure you are taken to the most gay-friendly spots for you to have the best of gay life in cosmopolitan Istanbul. Spots where you’ll meet those who are just like you, have a chance to do the things you enjoy doing without limitations or conservation; a home away from home.

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