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What is the best food to eat in Istanbul

Istanbul is famous as a central point of tourist attraction and this goes without saying. With the beautiful views and amazing cultural history, there is so much fun in having an Istanbul tour, and this is even more buttressed by the fact Istanbul is home to some of the most sumptuous traditional delicacies on the planet.

Istanbul has long been a core aspect of the global food and spice marketing, and you wouldn’t fail to notice this when you step into a restaurant or food vendor in Istanbul. Highly varied and with so much history, Turkish foods promise to honor your taste buds with an experience that is purely unique, addictive and memorable. Istanbul foods are really nice and knowing the best out of the lot depends on your own personal taste. You really do have to taste them yourself. So if you are planning to have an Istanbul food tour or a free walking tour, be our guest. But remember you’ll have hundreds of foods to pick from and you don’t want your stomach getting full before having a taste of the best, so grab a seat as we take you through the best foods to eat in Istanbul.

10 Best Foods to Eat in Istanbul

1. Turkish breakfast

The best way to start your day in Istanbul is with Turkish breakfast. This breakfast dish, although a bit similar to what you might be used to, is quite unique in its own way. Turkish breakfast usually consists of white bread, a variety of cheese, butter, thick cream, boiled eggs, olives (black, green or both). For an out-of-this-world experience, sucuklu yumurta and börek are added, and these two magical dishes are what makes Turkish breakfast highly distinguished. Ensure you flush down this delicacy with a cup of strong, Turkish coffee. The experience is extremely dazzling.

2. Menemen

This Turkish omelet may also be used to kick-start your day. It normally comprises of eggs, tomatoes, green bell peppers, and olive oil, then garnished with ground black pepper and beautifully shaped onion slices. Absolutely yummy! You could also order for fried meat to be incorporated into this dish for a more hearty breakfast. Oh, you do not want to visit Istanbul without a taste or this excellent traditional Turkish cuisine. Some of the best restaurants to get the best Menemen are Lades Muhallebi, Mehtap Cafe, Sütiş, amongst others. Come hop on our Istanbul culinary tour and have a wonderful culinary experience in any of these restaurants.

3. Simit

This is your typical Turkish bagel. Baked in the shape of a circle, Simit is a kind of Turkish bread that is often garnished with sesame seeds, sunflower or sappy seeds. This is one of the most popular street snack you can get in Istanbul, so you can always make a pit stop to grab a bite while on our free walking tour Istanbul.

4. Meze

Your Istanbul food tour would be incomplete without having a taste of this traditional Turkish food. Meze comes in a whole lot of variety which can be eaten alongside a main meal or served with bread as an appetizer. Some varieties come with tomato and pepper, some with eggplant. Regardless of what variety you’re having, meze is quite cheap and absolutely tasty, and you don’t want to leave Istanbul without having a taste of this typical Turkish cuisine.

5. Lahmacun

Lahmacun, which is often described as Turkish pizza, is a kind of flatbread topped with finely chopped beef, vegetables as well as herbs. It is most often eaten as a snack rather than a full meal, and is absolutely tasty and quite cheap for its worth.

6. Pide

Love pizza? Well, who doesn’t? Then why not taste pizza on a whole new level? Pide is your typical pizza, even more so than Lahmacun is. It is also flatbread which is folded over at the edges. Typically, pide comprises of a special Turkish cheese known as peynir cheese. The way this Turkish food melts in your mouth is breathtaking. The experience is truly divine! Besides cheese, pide can also come with vegan options like cheese spinach-filling, or spiced lamb if you’re a meat lover. When you take an Istanbul free walking tour with us, we can take you to the Hoca Pasa where you can have the best taste of Pide.

7. Köfte

Quite very popular in Turkey, you are likely to find meatballs on almost every menu in Istanbul restaurants. This Turkish meatball is usually made from beef or lamb or both, and is usually served with rice, spicy sauce and grilled peppers spicy. So perfectly yummy is this Turkish food.

8. Kumpir

Get ready to get addicted. Almost everyone loves baked potato and when baked tomato is prepared to the extreme, what you have is Kumpir. Kumpir is prepared by mixing baked potato — which has been sliced in half — with a rich supply of butter and cheese. A wide variety of toppings — such as cheese, pickles and corn — can now be used to adorn the mixture. After tasting this incredible delicacy, trust me, you would never want to taste anything else.

9. Balık Ekmek

Balık Ekmek is typically a grilled-fish sandwich stuffed in a nutritious and tasty piece of bread. As delicious as it is, this is one of the most popular Istanbul foods you can easily get on the streets, so why not grab a hearty Balık Ekmek sandwich on your free walking tour Istanbul to have one of the best touring experience?

10. Kuru Fasulye

White beans can be very delicious but when served in Kuru Fasulye, the taste is on a whole new level! This Turkish delicacy is stew prepared by spicing white beans with surplus tomato sauce, oil, onions, chilli, and other extremely tasty spices.

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